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Lightweight and conveniently accompanied, Tiny Lux offers a comfortable and relaxing massage in minutes and helps with recovery. 

175.90 €


Benefits of use

Take the coolest and smallest massager of all time with you everywhere. Enjoy muscle care and active everyday life. Vibration of the muscle maintenance hammer also relieves tension in deeper tissues that are not accessible by traditional massage methods.

Drags and unlocks stranded muscles

Significantly accelerates the recovery of muscles

Improves blood circulation and soft tissue health

Helps in warm-up and intensifies stretching

Test users consider the world's coolest metal design stock, whose durability and quality is in its own category.

Restorable massage already in a few minutes. On one fast USB-C charge, you get a 3-5 hour massage.

Quickly replaceable 4 replacement heads will ensure a convenient massage of different parts of the body.

The stylish and smallest carrier bag on the market will help transport recovery and relaxation to every place.

Frequently asked questions

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Hi! I’m Nooralotta Neziri and I am a professional athlete. Now it’s even more important for me that I am constantly feeling recovered so I always keep this product with me in the competitions and in training camps. This massager is extremely small and easy to take with you – it’s sufficiently powerful and reliable.
I can recommend this to all active people and also to the Sunday walkers for maintaining their own muscle balance.

- Nooralotta Neziri

Reviews from our customers

10 reviews for Tiny Lux

  1. Nicolas

    Very nice

  2. Sanni

    Really helped me out. Thanks guys!

  3. Leevi

    Quick shipping. Can recommend 👍🏼

  4. Niko

    Small and powerfull hammer with great storage box. Best massager what i have been used. Fast shipping. Recommend this for everyone who wants to get relaxed and recovered.

  5. Viljami

    Good quality product and suprised how they have managed to get this much power to so small size device. Convenient case to take it with you. Highly recommend!

  6. Tomi

    Hi I’m Tomi and a Crossfit athlete. This tiny muscle hammer is a quality product! You can feel it in your hand while hammering your body. I like the size of it so you can easily access difficult areas like shoulders and back by yourself and small carry box is brilliant wihle travelling. Highly recommended!

  7. Sara

    it is not advisable to let a small size fool you because this gun has power.
    the gun is quiet and does not hold a loud sound. convenient to carry anywhere

  8. Kim

    Does the trick. Can recommend 👍

  9. Tiina

    The best pocket massage gun, which travels with me anywhere I go. I love the premium feel it has and the array of different attachments that come along for multipurpose usage. The variety in speed options also allows for broad spectrum of treatments. A powerful recovery tool that will last!

  10. Minna

    Surprisingly powerfull for such a small size, yet quiet. Nice range of speeds. Easy to take with you and convienient to charge.
    Have used a bigger sized hammer before, so compared to this, I’d say this is easier to use since it’s not that heavy but you also loose some of the assisted pressure of the heavier one.
    One star is missing due to the small heads, especially the flat and spinal ones would prefer to be bigger for usability.

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175.90 €


Have any questions?

Four interchangeable massage heads of the device have been developed for optimal treatment of different muscle areas:

Ball: Aligned massage for the muscles of the shoulder area, neck, buttocks, as well as legs
Fork: Back muscles, bottoms, thighs, ankles and arm muscles
Flat: Flat muscles, buttocks and pectoral muscles
Sing: Triggerpoints massage, palm muscles/footbottom

Yes, thanks to its small size and lightness, the Power Recovery massage hammer works very well for neck and shoulder massage. It's easier to keep your shoulders relaxed when you don't have to carry a heavy device. If you rub your neck or shoulders, do it with the hand of the opposite side and let the hand of the massaging side hang relaxed.

Yes, the massage hammer works very well for massage of the soles of the feet and Achilles tendon as well. It is good to relax tired soles with a soft ball tip, but if the plantar tendons need harder handling, choose a sharp tip. You can put the U tip on the fork of the Achilles tendon so as not to put the slip on the side during the massage.

When you buy our Power Recover Massager, you will receive a convenient carry-on bag containing:

4 replaceable massage heads
USB-C Charger
Instructions for use in English

Our super-efficient massager is also super small, and weighs just 435g. When ordering the device, you will also come with a convenient carry-on bag, in which it is very easy to carry the device.